The Basics of Photography for Beginners...
This is a small eBook I created to use while hosting my Beginner Photography Workshops, here in Scotland. It is written in a very easy and simple way so you won't need to be an engineer or a tech geek to understand it. 
It is always offered for free to anyone participating in a paid workshop but, if you can't assist a workshop with me, you still can buy it at a very low price of only £15.00.
This eBook will be teaching you about the followings:
     1. Exposure – The Camera
     2. Image Composition and Advanced Composition Techniques
     3. The Light Meter and The Exposure Triangle
     4. White Balance
     5. Mastering AutoFocus
     6. File Handling and File Formats

Additionally, the practical eBook/PDF format will be a great support to come back to at any time, during your photographic journey, if you need to.

To order yours now, click on the following Paypal button. The eBook will be send by email as soon as I get confirmation of your payment.

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