Photography Workshops in Scotland
Photography workshops with Jeremy Lavender in Culross, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Devilla Forest in Kincardine or in the Clackmannanshire Countryside.

Why would I do that?
Very often, I have people looking for a photography workshop and asking a few questions then afraid to go ahead as they are not confident at all with their camera or with their abilities to create nice images. They are most of the time telling me: “I’m very bad with a camera” or “I don’t know what to look for when composing a picture”…

In fact, it takes only 10 minutes of speaking with them to understand that the only missing things to make them enjoy their camera and be happy with their photographs are really simple and basic rules they can learn -and remember- while on the field for only a few hours with an experienced photographer willing to share how to set-up the camera, what to look for, how to compose an interesting image, looking for and playing with the light,… 

Just to read it on an article like this one seems very so simple but be sure of one thing; it is just like that! You can have the best camera in the world but if you don’t have a piece of minimal knowledge about how it works and if no one ever told you about it before, how could you expect to be “good with a camera”? This is NOT about you and I can assure you that.

Imagine a farmer giving you the key to his tractor and asking you to go attach a trailer on it and then to start working on the field… Well, if you never touched or used a tractor before, I do believe you’ll end up saying that you are very bad with a tractor and I will answer you the same thing… Nope, you are NOT bad with a tractor. You just need a minimum of explanations and someone to show you how to use it. I do believe it goes the same for most of the situations we encounter in life.

With more than 40 years of photography under my belt, I can tell you without any doubt that all you need is willing to learn for a few hours and someone to teach you how to do so. After this first and necessary step, you’ll already see a huge difference in your images. If this makes you happy, you’ll use it more and more your camera and practice will be the second important step you’ll take. From there, you’ll learn additional settings and you will create your own digital images to be proud of. 

And, if you get a bite from the photography bug and wish to go even further, remember I’ll be there to help you make it happen.

If you spent some good money buying a digital camera, more than likely we can assume it was initially because you wanted to create lovely images. Whatever your previous experience in photography, it is now time to stop underestimating yourself! 

Get in touch and enjoy a friendly and easy photography workshop for beginners. You’ll be glad you did!

What is it exactly?
These workshops are specifically intended for beginners in photography willing to learn how to use their camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) in the most efficient way possible. These specific workshops will be a mix of photography activities and a walk in the City and/or Countryside. Four different City locations are actually available: Edinburgh, Stirling, Culross and Glasgow. In addition to these four City workshops, there are also two others dedicated to landscape photography with two destinations to choose from: The Clackmannanshire countryside or a nature trail in the beautiful Devilla forest, in Kincardine. Launched in 2022, a few new "One-on-One" landscape workshops (single participant) are now also available in Glencoe, Glen Etive, Fife coastal towns, North Berwick, Loch Lomond, St Andrews and Berwick-Upon-Tweed & Holy Island Lindisfarne (Anglo-Scottish borders).

With a low ticket access fee starting from only £245.00 for the day, during these workshops, you’ll learn about how to use the settings of your camera, the focusing, about the exposition and we’ll practice together on different photographic activities including but not limited to "Architecture”, "Urban Landscape" and/or "Nature Landscape”.

You will not of course become a professional photographer at the end of the day but let me tell you that at these workshops, several things can be guaranteed; a friendly atmosphere, lots of fun, practical exchange of photography pieces of advice and a great variety of opportunities to create lovely images…

Each regular workshop is voluntarily limited to a maximum of 5 participants to ensure the best communication possible with everyone. The "One-on-One" landscape workshops are more exclusive and limited to only one participant at a time.

Everything you need to enjoy your passion for photography on a stress-free day.

Where is it?
These workshops are available in Edinburgh, Stirling, Culross or Glasgow and the regular landscape workshops will be hosted in the Clackmannanshire countryside or at Devilla forest, in Kincardine. Additionally, the new "One-on-One" landscape workshops are now available in Glencoe & Glen Etive, several coastal towns in Fife, North Berwick, Loch Lomond, St Andrews or Berwick-Upon-Tweed & Holy Island Lindisfarne (Anglo-Scottish borders).

To accommodate everyone, the workshops are available on demand. Get in touch to confirm a date for your individual workshop.

What is the duration?
They are usually starting at 10:00 AM and ending at 4:00 PM. Depending on location and weather, the regular landscape workshop might be a bit longer (1h to 1.5h longer). The "One-on-One" landscape workshops available in Glencoe & Glen Etive, a few coastal towns in Fife, North Berwick, Loch Lomond and St Andrews will run from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, including travel times. The "One-on-One" landscape workshop available in Berwick-Upon-Tweed and Holy Island Lindisfarne (Anglo-Scottish borders) is even longer and runs from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM, including travel times.

How to book your workshop?
You can make easy and fast payments through Paypal to secure your booking first. After receiving your payment, I'll get in touch with you by email within a maximum of 1 business day to confirm your workshop's requested date and location. If needed, you may also want to send me a message using the form at the bottom of this page.
Please select your booking choice below:
  => Buy an individual ticket at £245.00 (Regular Workshop for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Culross or Stirling)
  => Buy a ticket for 2 people at £395.00 (Regular Workshop for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Culross or Stirling)
  => Buy an individual ticket at £245.00 (Landscape Workshop in Clackmannanshire or Devilla Forest in Kincardine)
  => Buy a ticket for 2 people at £395.00 (Landscape Workshop in Clackmannanshire or Devilla Forest in Kincardine)
  => Buy an individual ticket at £475.00 (Portrait Workshop in Culross with a Model) 

Even more choices now with the following new "One-on-One" landscape workshops...

  => 1 day (12 hours) landscape photography in Glencoe and Glen Etive - Book now at £695.00
  => 1 day (12 hours) landscape photography in a few coastal towns in Fife - Book now at £695.00
  => 1 day (12 hours) landscape photography in North Berwick and Seacliff beach (Tantallon Castle) - Book now at £695.00
  => 1 day (12 hours) landscape photography in Balmaha, Loch Lomond and Milarrochy Bay - Book now at £695.00
  => 1 day (12 hours) landscape photography in St Andrews and Tentsmuir Beach Nature Reserve - Book now at £695.00
  => 1 day (15 hours) landscape photography in Berwick-upon-Tweed and Holy Island Lindisfarne - Book now at £855.00

When booking a workshop, you will be offered a FREE eBook teaching you about the followings:
     1. Exposure – The Camera
     2. Image Composition and Advanced Composition Techniques
     3. The Light Meter and The Exposure Triangle
     4. White Balance
     5. Mastering AutoFocus
     6. File Handling and File Formats

This eBook will be send by email as soon as I get confirmation of your booking so you’ll have time to read it before the workshop and, when meeting, you can ask any question you may have about its content. Additionally, it will be a great support to come back to at any time during your photographic journey.

Looking forward to meeting you in or around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Clackmannanshire, Kincardine (Devilla Forest) or Culross.
Please, do get in touch for any question you may have or to confirm a date for your workshop...
​​​​​​​If you do not receive an answer, within 24 hours, please double-check your SPAM/JUNK email folder.
Thank you for contacting me. I'll be back in touch with you within maximum 1 business day.

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